Welcome everyone!  I am so excited to share my little corner on the internet with my good friend Susan from Organized 31.  I am sure you remember her from her post a few months ago.  Susan shared how to organize your kitchen using repurposed items.   I am getting the idea that her kitchen is very orderly!  I hope you enjoy this post as much as you did her last one!

Hi, Feeding Big fans.  I’m Susan from Organized 31.   I’m happy to be back with you today to share some tips on how to layout your kitchen to make your life easier.  I don’t know about you, but my life could use some more easier in it.  As part of a military family, I’ve moved into 25 different homes and have picked up a few tips along the way to help you figure out how to layout your kitchen in the way that is best for you and your needs.  

How to Layout Your Kitchen - Organized 31  

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Consider Where to Put Things

Step back and look at your kitchen.  Where is your fridge?  Stove?  Sink and dishwasher?  Where is the best drawer to put your silverware?  Where’s the best cabinet to put your cookie sheets and cutting boards?  Where are the problem areas in your kitchen.  You know that spot where there’s a traffic jam all the time.  Where are you going to put the pet food bowls? (funny how you don’t see those very often in those lovely magazine kitchens)  Everyone’s kitchen and family are different, so keep in mind your specific situation. 


 Put Items Where You Use Them

Keep pots and pans near the stove.  Keep plates and dishes either near the dishwasher (to make it easier when you put them away) or near the table (to make it easier to set the table).  Put the glasses near the fridge (where you’ll be pouring drinks).  Put the coffee mugs near the coffee machine.  Setting your kitchen up this way saves you many steps walking across the kitchen to get an item and then more steps to take it to another area to use it.  Makes sense, right?  But I’m  continually surprised when I go to someone’s house and they’ve placed items across the kitchen from where they use them. Unless that’s part of their long-term exercise plan.

Place Items Near Where You Use Them - Organized 31 

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Make Work Zones

Put all like items together.  This saves walking around time again and it saves your brain trying to remember where you put something.   So, for example, make a baking zone and put all the dry ingredients you use in baking, the bowls, mixer, sprinkles, cake pans, etc. in that area.  How about a coffee zone with your coffee maker, coffee mugs, sugar, artificial sweeteners and spoons.  Or a lunchbox zone with everything needed for making lunches.  Or a breakfast zone with everything your children need in the morning to make their own breakfast.  This is great way to help your children become independent.  

Lunchbox Zone

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It Where It’s Safe

If you have young children or pets, be sure to put all chemicals, breakable glass and sharp knives up out of their reach.  Also, don’t put heavy items on top shelves (you don’t want them to fall on you as you’re getting them down). Don’t store chemicals on a shelf above food items (you don’t want the chemicals to spill or leak onto your food). Don’t place plastic bags or soft plastic containers near the oven where they might melt. Plan the layout to make your kitchen efficient and as safe as possible. 

Put It Where It Will Fit

Sometimes no matter how much planning you do, you may just have to store an item where it will fit rather than where you would like to keep it (in a perfectly organized and designed magazine kitchen).  Let the perfection go in this case and just accept the reality of your kitchen.   And dream of your perfect kitchen as you’re playing Twister trying to get the roasting pan out of the back of the cabinet and out from under the  stack of pans and around that bar in the middle of the cabinet without knocking down the stack of sippie cups and without passing out from the blood rushing to your head.  Sometimes you just have to go with what will work not what’s perfect 

potato masher

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 Organization is an On-going Process

Keep in mind that what works for you today, may not work for you in the future.  Our lives change.  We add more people to our family or downsize our belongings. We gain new kitchen appliances or inherit a treasured set of china.  Don’t be locked into your kitchen layout if it has stops working for you.  Evaluate what is working and what’s not working and then make changes that will fit your new situation. 

 You can see more about how I planned my kitchen layout in my last house and in my current house.  What are your favorite kitchen layout tips?

 Well, are you ready to get in the kitchen and reorganize?  If you love Susan as much as I do, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google +, or on her blog!

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25 Responses to Kitchen layout for best usage

  1. Susan says:

    Cynthia, thanks for letting me share my humble kitchen and ideas.

  2. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I can never seem to have enough kitchen space. I donate two things and gain four! I love my job but it produces so much stuff!

  3. Heather M says:

    I so need this. I use to have everything in a place that worked for me no matter where we lived. Since we moved a year ago this house is beating me even with all the cabinet space we have. Things just don’t fit where I am use to them and I keep re-organizing. This should help me re-figure and hopefully find a solution.

  4. Great Susan. I am a stickler for an organized kitchen! Being a food blogger I need things to be accessible.

  5. Lady Lilith says:

    Nice layout. We just re-did our kitchen. The previous owners did a horrible job with the layout. Having everything work for you makes a real difference. Thanks for your tips.

  6. Angela says:

    I have a very small kitchen, so it’s important that I utilize what space I have. Great tips!

  7. Lisa says:

    I need you to come organize my kitchen! :)

  8. Pam says:

    I can never seem to get enough kitchen space either! I like for things to be organized where I can find them though.

  9. brett says:

    our kitchen is 1/2 the size of this one. it’s HARD to be organized ina tiny kitchen- but critical too!

  10. Great tips.. my kitchen is fairly small and I sooo need to utilize ALL the storage in the best way possible… can’t wait to turn some of your ideas into a cleaner kitchen :-) thanks for sharing

  11. I really need to reorganize my kitchen. Right now its semi functional but it could be better. I like the suggestion of creating zones. Thanks now you have given my hubby his next DIY weekend project LOL

  12. It’s funny that I came across this, I was just standing back today wondering if I should reorganize the cabinets.

  13. Debbie Denny says:

    Good layout and useful ideas!

  14. You are so organized! My kitchen is SO small and with 7 of us we have TOO much stuff!

  15. I work so hard on this, but my kitchen is just super hard to organize. The cabinets are wacky. And then, once I get it close, my husband has a day off and ruins it all. Ha!

  16. Danielle says:

    I love this idea of creating zones. Been trying to do this for ages, but our kitchen is so tiny with barely any cupboard space, that what was meant to be the linen closet has in fact half become a food storage! Time to re-assess…

  17. It seems like I’m placing things where they’re logical. I wouldn’t have expected that of myself! :)

  18. Corinne says:

    We follow the place things near where you use them philosophy as much as possible. We also keep anything breakable up high and everything non-breakable down low so our drinkware is organized just like yours! — glass up top, kid cups in a bottom cabinet

  19. I like this idea. More people should plan their kitchens based on usage rather than aesthetics alone.

  20. Great tips…I do not really use my kitchen too much..I am so busy…but there is so much around the house that I would like to see more organized.

    • cynthia says:

      I am so glad you stopped by and left a comment. I am like you and could use some organizing in every room of my house!

  21. Susan hit the nail on the head when she commented on the pretty magazine pictures. I have a normal house and a real family and I love that she isn’t afraid to show us her very organized house for a real family. We can all strive for the magazine picture, but with kids and sports and activities and stuff… this is real living, and her advice is well worth following. Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Holly

  22. Shanna says:

    I really need to reorganize my kitchen! Thanks for the tips!

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